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    Where is jBPM 3.2?

    Brad O'Hearne Newbie


      I am currently using jBPM 3.1.1. I have had jBPM 3.2 recommended to me, but I need some clarification on how to obtain 3.2. On the download link for jBPM, there is a 3.1.2 version that was released a couple of days ago. Is this 3.1.2 release actually the 3.2 version that has been recommended, or is there another?

      I took a look in the cvs repository for jBPM, and there's no particular tag or branch I'm seeing for 3.2, so is 3.2 on the cvs HEAD?

      Let me know! I would like to try jBPM 3.2, or 3.1.2, whichever one is the new one I'm looking for.

      Thanks a lot for your help.