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    Question about c3p0 in JBPM starters kit 3.1.2

    dg util Newbie

      I've juste downloaded and installed JBPM starters kit 3.1.2.
      What I'd like to do is replace the default hsqldb persistence system by a MySQL db. So, following the instructions, I've made a jbpmtest db and created a jbpm user with full privileges.
      I have then successfully generated SQL scripts for a MySQL.
      Now I would like to run the test suite and this is where I have a problem.
      The ant script for the test suite seems to require a c3p0 library but this library is not present in the folder jbpm/lib/hibernate whereas is was there in starters kit 3.0.3.
      What I dit is copy the c3p0- from 3.0.3 into 3.1.2 and ran the test suite again but it ends up with and InterruptedException.
      Does the 3.1.2 test suite really depend on c3p0? Do other parts of JBPM also depend on it? How can I properly run the test suite?
      Thanx for any comment.