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    Help needed- Regarding Regarding jbpm-jpd

    kumar.ravis Newbie

      I am new to JBPM.
      I want to add my custom controller (e.g dropdown list, radio button) on any task and their listener to handle the event through JBoss jBPM Process Designer (jbpm-jpd ).

      Is it possible or not?
      Does any one have any idea, how it can be done?
      Please response.

      Thanks and Regards.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          the process designer has nothing to do with the userinterface (yet). A custom controller is no userinterface element. The controller is the piece of code that handles the userinterface requests. Which userinterface elements (jsf components in the case of jBPM) can be used is completely up to the way the forms are handled. In jBPM 3.1 you cannot influence this at all without building your own or adapt the exsisting controler. In the upcomming jBPM 3.2 (currently only in cvs) there is more flexibility, but if it is enough for your needs remains to be seen and depends on your needs. So If you feel up to it, checkout the CVS head and play with it.

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            kumar.ravis Newbie

            Hi kukeltje

            First of all thanks for prompt reply.

            Actually I want to develop a simple web-application using JBPM, but I am not sure JBPM is best suitable for that or not. I am trying to explain the scenario with the help of following steps.
            1. User -login
            2. After successful login, user will select some fields on form (form component may be dropdown list, radio button, text field etc.) and submit the form.
            3. depends on those fields; application will display some static or dynamic page to the user.

            This is very simple application and here I supposed to create some custom forms (may be 5-6) and write some codes to handle those requests.
            But I am confused JBPM is best suitable for this or not?
            If yes then how can I create custom form using jbpm-jpd and where I can write code for handling those requests?
            I would also like to say, this application does not includes different business processes (as I have studies example mention in JBPM user-guide ), so I think JBPM may not be best for such a simple (request-response) application and jsp-servlet will be better option for this.

            Answer to this question will be very help full to me.
            Please response.

            Thanks in advance

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              Chris OBrien Novice

              I would not suggest jBPM for what you want to do. Just create a simple jsp/servlet, or use Struts, Spring, Java Server Faces (JSF).