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    GPD deployment and commons file upload version

    Dave Caruana Newbie


      After some "tweaking" of the jBPM Console Webapp, I've managed to loosely integrate the bpm stack with Alfresco's tomcat stack (thanks to some help from Spring Modules), such that db connections, transactions etc are shared between jBPM and Alfresco. By "tweaking", I mean I've had to modify some oddities around using request scoped beans, request parameters, assigning unique ids to controls and using Alfresco's logged-in username for task list retrieval etc - I'm not the JSF expert, but for now it helps us test jBPM in the context of Alfresco's stack.

      Btw, we do intend to build Alfresco specific UI for task handling within Alfresco, but otherwise we intend to fully embed the jBPM engine as is (plus extensions).

      So, my first question, of which I'm sure there will be plenty more!

      Our stack is using commons-file-upload v1.1.1, and it seems this is incompatible with the GPD v3.1.2 deployment process. The gpd is passing a request containing a Content-type whose multipart seperator is "," whereas the file-upload utility is looking for ";" - file-upload v1.0 seems to check for "," (or at least it works). I think http specifices ";".

      Any ideas how to work-around this? I don't really want to have a special build of the GPD v3.1.2 (at least for now). Will v3.2 (HEAD) change this request? Unfortunately, we have to use file-upload v1.1.1 for portal compatibility.

      David Caruana