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    3.2 Timeline?

    Dave Caruana Newbie

      I understand you're busy working on 3.2, but are there any public release dates you're aiming for.

      This is so we can determine whether to stick with 3.1.2 or move to 3.2 head for our own development cycle.

      David Caruana

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master


          Since you seem to be developing your own UI, there are not to many differences that are important while starting development. Probably the only thing is the clusterability when using jms with jbpm or as an alternative the clusterable proprietary command executor (currently not clusterable yet, but there have been some suggestions on achieving that)

          What I do not know is at what moment of your development cycle you still dare to switch to jBPM 3.2.

          Personally I would not expect it within 2 months, but I could be wrong and will ask Koen to check this.

          btw, are you guys thinking of a jsf or xforms based ui? Maybe we can help eachother here, since my jsf knowledge is still limited, at least for developing good ui components. I do have some xforms knowledge (chiba) but that is not a jBPM focus (it is a little for the company I work for)

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            Koen Aers Master


            The alpha1 release of jBPM 3.2 is planned for this month (though I am not really sure we will be able to make it before next Monday).
            Expect a first beta for October and the final release near the end of the year.


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              Ronald van Kuijk Master


              Would it be an idea to add this to the roadmap in JIRA? I would do it for you if I could, but I can't

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                Dave Caruana Newbie

                Thanks for the prompt responses.

                Given our timelines (heading for a 1.4 qa cycle in sept), I think it's best to stick with 3.1.2 for now. However, your plans for 3.2 sound ideal, allowing us to try early 3.2 drops on our 1.5 dev line.

                Initially, we're going to build JSF components (inbox, start process, task view ) that integrate with the rest of Alfresco's JSF based UI and look & feel. Over time, we'll introduce more workflow interaction within Alfresco.

                I'm not the JSF expert, but members of our team have now gained deep experience from developing the Alfresco UI (and DCTM's Webtop) of this type of technology. I'm sure we can help each other.

                Our WCM team will be introducing Chiba into our stack, so who knows, we may in the future use xforms for managing tasks etc. We're just taking it step-by-step for now :-)


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                  falazar Novice

                  We are in a similar situation, but hopefully can hold out a few weeks to grab the 3.2 version, then we can start modifying from there out.

                  So keep pushing forward :}