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    Selectively Showing Task Start Links


      We have created a number of test Task Process Definitions, but as we plan to deploy with a large amount of users, 500+, is there a simple way to control who is allowed to start which task... I have been looking around, but have not seen anything yet. Presumably this would use the identity groups. This way not everyone would be allowed to start every task.
      Or is this another improovement that would have to be made mostly on teh web app side.

      James Ratcliff

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master


          This is one of the things not supported yet by jbpm.

          JSF has options to selectivly show things or not, but you've got to get the information from somewhere else.

          Since we do not use the jbpm default webapp (we use a slightly customized version PER application) we can easily just show the one process the user is allowed to start if he is in the right application role.

          So currently yes, on the webapp side