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    task question

    ALfonsina chesini Newbie

      Hi everybody, i´m new in jbpm world. So if someone could help me , i`ll apreciate it.

      In our process we use only task, for the only reason that task supports the actorsID.

      Then the user of the task only send the signal method, to pass the procees to the next state. So we dont have to worried about if we are signaling a task or a sate or another node.
      So we never use the start and end method, and because of this all our task have the variable isopen=true. that´s all right?

      Somebody could tell me if we are in a wrong way .

      Thanxs in advance


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          Chris OBrien Novice

          I'm a little confused. If you say you only use Task Nodes, then why would you be worried about signalling a "state or other node" ?

          If you signal the tokens, the tasks will never end. It's technically ok if they are open, though it might be confusing.

          Why not just .end() the task, since you say you're only using task nodes.

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            ALfonsina chesini Newbie

            thanxs for your quick answer.

            Now i'm only using task, but i don't know what could happen tomorrow. I want to think that my process could be a group of task , nodes, or whatever.

            Look, i´m building a tier who comunicate with jbpm. So i want to call a signal method to my tier and this method calls a signal to jbpm.

            i'm not clear enough , not?
            really thanxs.

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              Chris OBrien Novice

              Your tier that calls jBPM, could just be a little smarter.

              It could detect if it is a task node or a state, and then end/signal appropriately. Your tier should know if it is a task node or not, and follow up properly.