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    assigning PooledActors to a SwimlaneInstance

    Willem van Asperen Newbie

      I am working on using Drools to manage authorization. I don't want to use the jBPM objects in my rules, so I created some simple wrapper objects. [just because I want to abstract from the Drools internals].

      Here is what I do:

      create a new process instance.
      kick start the process (signal it).
      as soon as the first TaskNode is encountered (started:
       - assert all my relevant business objects
       - assert a BpmSwimlane(name,actorId) for all SwimlaneInstances that exist at that moment
       - assert a PooledBpmActor(swimlaneName,pooledActorId) for all the existing PooledActors from every existing SwimlaneInstance
       - fire the rules
       - retrieve all PooledBpmActors

      then I iterate again through the existing SwimlaneInstances and assign it a new PooledActors set: a set of "new PooledActor(pooledActorId,swimlaneInstance,null)"

      The thing is, when I then try to retrieve findPooledTaskInstances(actorId), I get an empty list.

      Is there something I am missing?

      Looking into the database, I find my swimlane instance and in the corresponding pooledactors table there is my actorid.