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    about process define

    Bill Luo Newbie

      I have a scenario. The first task is create a schedule. From this schedule, it will create a bunch of same type of tasks. The number of task will be decided in runtime. For each of this task, it has a review task follow it.

      Is that means I need dynamically create task nodes in runtime? But how to implement that?

      I know how to create multiple taskinstances in a tasknode. But it seems not fit this scenario because of the review task.

      Any clues? Thanks a lot.

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          John Liptak Newbie

          what you want is a foreach node. Many different versions of how to do this type of custom node have been discussed in this forum. Most of them act like a big fork node.

          What you would get then is something like:

          Schedule --> foreach task --> do task --> review task --> join --> done