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    task assigment and ejb role/group



      When i try to define the assigment for a given task, is it possible to retrieve the users from the EJB enviroment instead of the JBPM identity component database? First terms

      An expression is resolved from left to right. The first-term specifies a User or Group in the identity model. Subsequent terms calculate the next term from the intermediate user or group.

      previous means the task is assigned to the current authenticated actor. This means the actor that performed the previous step in the process.

      swimlane(swimlane-name) means the user or group is taken from the specified swimlane instance.

      variable(variable-name) means the user or group is taken from the specified variable instance. The variable instance can contain a java.lang.String, in which case that user or group is fetched from the identity component. Or the variable instance contains a User or Group object.

      user(user-name) means the given user is taken from the identity component.

      group(group-name) means the given group is taken from the identity component.

      The reason i want to do this way is because i need to integrate the jbossportal with jbpm in my project. Currently, jbpm use different identity component than that of jboss application server system.

      The problem currently facing is that how to assign tasks to users/roles in existing JBOSS application server system instead of using jbpm its own?

      Please advice. Any recommendations are appreciated.