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    [ANNOUNCE] JSFOne Call for Papers

    Kito Mann Apprentice

      Hello Everyone,

      You may have seen my earlier announcement about the JSFOne http://www.jsfone.com show, hosted by JSFCentral and the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposiums, September 4th-6th near Washington, DC.

      If you're interested in speaking, we're now accepting proposals. We're particularly interested in practical, deep technical sessions covering the following:

      * Facelets
      * Seam
      * AJAX integration
      * Spring integration
      * Portlet integration
      * MyFaces projects
      * Component suites
      * Component development
      * IDEs
      * Scripting
      * Testing
      * Case studies

      You can submit an abstract here: http://www.jsfone.com/speaker_request.jsp

      (check to make sure there is not already an existing session on your topic first).

      Kito D. Mann