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    Use Privs for Oracle

    Michael Holtzman Newbie

      Greetings. For security reasons, our DBA will not allow the JBPM JDBC connection with dba privileges.

      From the JbpmOnOracle document, it says

      drop user jbpm cascade ;
      create user jbpm identified by jbpm ;
      grant connect, resource, dba to jbpm ;

      and indeed, it does not work without dba permission.

      (1) What, exactly, does jbpm do that requires dba access ?

      (2) Is there any other combination of privs that will work ?

      Thanx. Your quick response is greatly appreciated ... we are gearing up for an important demo.

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          Chris OBrien Novice

          Have you tried running without dba permission?

          Off the top of my head, as long as it has rights to select/insert/update/delete you should be fine.

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            Michael Holtzman Newbie

            My thoughts exactly, except that without the dba role I get this error when launching a process instance:

            14:31:22,644 ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter : ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
            14:31:22,659 ERROR ProcessCommand : WORKFLOW_JBPM_LAUNCH_PROCESS couldn't assign id to org.jbpm.graph.exe.ProcessInstance@d2efa1

            I get other assorted database errors when attempting other operations, e.g. deploying a definition:
            14:35:32,191 ERROR ProcessCommand : Unable to deploy process definition Process definition "Sample Workflow" deployment
            failed - could not get next sequence value

            If I grant dba to the role I have assigned to the login user id, everything is happy again.

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              Chris OBrien Novice

              Oh, I think that is depending on your sequencer. Doesn't look like you're able to update the ID, there's gotta be a missing permission somewhere