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    Error handling in GPD process deployment

    Dave Caruana Newbie

      GPD 3.0.11, JBPM 3.1.2

      I've noticed the error handling to be erratic when deployment of a process archive from the GPD fails. Often, a dialog is presented stating the deployment succeeded when in fact it hasn't. Other times, a dialog is presented due to an unexpected error. Two extremes.

      The deploy servlet returns arbitrary messages in the response for certain exceptions e.g. FileUploadException, IOException, but for others, just leaves the exception to propagate, presumably forcing an HTTP error response. However, for valid HTTP responses, it seems the content is completely ignored by the GPD.

      Obviously, an improvement would be to present the cause of the error in the GPD and to also catch all errors.

      However, I raise this as I'm developing my own deploy servlet to fit the setup of our server, but it's not clear what the protocol is for reporting an error. For now, I've kept as close as I can to the error handling in UploadServlet.

      David Caruana

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          Koen Aers Master

          Hi David,

          Sorry for the late response but again, better late than never. I am aware of the problems with the depoyment servlet and the GPD not showing appropriate error messages or giving the right details. Obviously we will have to do something about this.
          But can you give me an example of when the deployment did not succeed with a dialog showing a successful message? Just curious, I have never seen this situation happen.