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    delegation for ActionHandler - what am I missing?

    Willem van Asperen Newbie

      I have the following node in my process:

      <node name="sensor news">
       <action name="conduct news sensor" class="com.paconsulting.cucumber.rules.impl.RulesActionHandler" config-type="bean">
       <transition to="check errors"></transition>

      The entire process deploys fine.
      The ActionHandler code is, simply:
      package com.paconsulting.cucumber.rules.impl;
      public class RulesActionHandler implements ActionHandler {
       private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
       private static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(RulesActionHandler.class);
       private String ruleEngineJndiName = "";
       private String ruleBaseName = "";
       public String getRuleBaseName() {
       return ruleBaseName;
       public void setRuleBaseName(String ruleBaseName) {
       this.ruleBaseName = ruleBaseName;
       public String getRuleEngineJndiName() {
       return ruleEngineJndiName;
       public void setRuleEngineJndiName(String ruleEngineJndiName) {
       this.ruleEngineJndiName = ruleEngineJndiName;
       private RulesEngine getRulesEngine() {
       public void execute(ExecutionContext executionContext) throws Exception {
       long engineId = getRulesEngine().createNewEngine(getRuleBaseName());
       private void assertVariables(long engineId, Map variables) {
       private void refreshVariables(long engineId, Map variables) {

      When the process engine reaches this node, is tells me:

      11:15:07,172 ERROR [BeanInstantiator] couldn't set property 'ruleEngineJndiName' to value '<ruleEngineJndiName>java:/cucumber/RulesEngine</ruleEngineJndiName>'
      11:15:07,173 ERROR [BeanInstantiator] couldn't set property 'ruleBaseName' to value '<ruleBaseName>news-sensor</ruleBaseName>'

      I have tried config-type="field", config-type="bean" and leaving config-type out.
      What am I missing?