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    The old way of showing modalPanel shows the panel off center

    vivian hu Novice

      We show a modalPanel in the old way (3.0.1) and after we upgrade to 3.1.4GA, found that in Firefox, it is auto centered horizontally to the middle of the screen. But in IE7, it is pushed to the very right of the screen. If I specify left=150, that will put the dialog in the position of 150 from left. But is there any way to auto position it to the center? I tried "left:auto" and it didn't work.

      We are using 3.1.4GA.

      Richfaces.showModalPanel('addAdminMp',{width:600,height:545, top:50});
       <rich:modalPanel id="addAdminMp" height="545" width="600" zindex="2000" resizeable="true" moveable="true">
       <f:facet id="modalHeader" name="header">
       <h:outputText id="adminModalTitle" value="#{bundle.AddAdministrator}" />
       <a4j:outputPanel id="adminPanel">
       <a4j:include id="includeAdminId"
       viewId="/pages/config/addAdmin.xhtml" />