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    JBPM deployment on Websphere?

    Rajesh Ram Newbie

      I know JBPM can be deployed on WebSphere Application Server,But it looks little tricky to do the same.So is there a step by step docs of link which i can use to deploy JBPM on WebSphere......

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          Chris OBrien Novice

          You could follow the same steps we took to deploy on Websphere, and that was to experiment.

          All you need for jBPM is its .jar and supporting files. We didn't use the webapp/console, we made our own.

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            Emil Prager Newbie

            Hi, cpob !

            Can you please give a little more details? (about the dependencies, deployment descriptors etc.)

            Unfortunately, jBPM is already deployed on JBoss AS when you take it from the jBPM starters kit.
            For our purposes -- i.e. deploying jBPM on other AS-es, in particular on WebSphere -- it would be better for us if they would provide some ant scripts for deploying jBPM at least on JBoss AS, like it is the case for JBossESB (http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbossesb/docs/4.0Beta1MP1/manuals/html/GettingStarted.html), for example.

            (That would help a little by knowing what the dependencies are, maybe how to package them to be acceptable for WebSphere or other AS-es etc.)

            Thank you in advance.

            Best regards,
            ___ Emil Prager __________________________________________________

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              Emil Prager Newbie

              Errata [for my previous reply]:

              Sorry, the ant scripts are provided in the starters kit.
              The problem is that JBoss AS is much more tolerant than other App Servers, where there is no action like "just copy archive to the deploy folder" :-) .
              Previously, I've worked only with JBoss AS, and while JBoss AS still remains the main AS for the company I currently work for, now I have to make the EARs deployable on other AS-es, too (mainly on WebSphere, but on Oracle iAS and WebLogic, too).

              Best regards,
              ___ Emil Prager __________________________________________________

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                Amit Verma Newbie

                Hi Cpob,

                I am creating a POC of Jbpm I am able to run it on JBOSS AS but we people are using WAS in development environment,can you please provide me some tutorial or step to deploy jbpm application on WAS AS .

                Amit Verma