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    Help using the "forms.xml" file.

    falazar Novice

      I did a quick search of the 3.2 source code and there is only 1 mention fo the forms.xml, when it is trying to use it in TaskForms.java

      I havnt seen any decent way of getting a forms.xml put up into the server/db.

      Thats the main thing holding us back right now.

      James Ratcliff

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          There is an example process in the 3.2 sourcecode. look FOR the file, not if the name is IN a file ;-)

          The forms.xml can just be on the same level as the processdefiniton.xml in the process dir

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            falazar Novice

            Ok under the websale example I see them:
            form.create.xhtml form.money.xhtml processdefinition.xml
            form.evaluate.xhtml forms.xml processimage.jpg
            form.fix.xhtml gpd.xml

            But how exactly can I use them, or deploy them to the server?

            I flipped through the example, but it doesnt look like it loads anything into the system.


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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              just use the GPD. The forms etc will be selected/selectable in the deploy tab.

              Or if your create/deploy your own .par file. Just include the files in the .par file on the top level.

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                Ronald van Kuijk Master

                On how to use them, look IN them. The source is the best source for information

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                  falazar Novice

                  Ok, that seems to be working good, copied the format and got the sample and one of ours working.
                  We should really get a Wiki started explaining the forms.xml work, and how we are proceeding with it, as I couldnt find anything about it anywhere until I asked you guys.

                  I am having a couple issues, which I will post in another thread.


                  It appears that if I change one of the forms, and redeploy it, the changes do not take effect.


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                    Ronald van Kuijk Master

                    That's because it still is in CVS and why I explicitly gave you permission to ask me :-). No just kidding. It is under development and some things might change.

                    The #2 is known and in Jira (http://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBPM-682). The issue is even 'worse' atm, since if you use the same formname in another processachive, they also collide..

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                      falazar Novice

                      Yeah I had thought I had saw that effect as well..
                      Ok so long as it is known.

                      #1 I spent the entire day on, and have a working solution now finally, so I will post that for everyone else as well.


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                        Ronald van Kuijk Master

                        Great thanx, I did such a session once, but am so busy responding in the forums that I never find the time to write some things about it. What a nice thing would be is to write an article on this for Javaworld once 3.2 is released (or maybe upfront?)

                        Did you also try to use different input types? Like a calendar from apache tomahawk? Or prefilling a listbox with values from one variable (or a some custom component) and store the selected one in a (another) variable? Those things do work now.

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                          falazar Novice

                          Not yet, sticking with simple simple things first, mainly first test was to just proove I could add something usefull, next I think our local group has to meet to start hashing out what kind of interface items we want to use.

                          Thanks for all your help though, this is coming along good, and I like to show them we are advancing...

                          James Ratcliff