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    Rich Calendar not prepopulating

    Fred McHale Newbie


      I am currently using the richfaces calendar to get a users chosen date and later populate to the database on a submit. I also would like to have the user be able to edit the date at a later time. For the first case where the user enters the date everything works fine. But when I try to allow the user to edit the date after it has been submitted nothing is shown in the date textfield. Here is the snippet of code I am using in my jsf page.

      <rich:calendar id="calendar2" enableManualInput="true" value="#{goalSetting.intern.endDate}" datePattern="M/d/yyyy" verticalOffset="-225" required="true" requiredMessage="End Date is required.">

      I am using backing beans and on that end my endDate does contain the correct data, its just not being displayed in the rich calendar.
      I am wondering if the datePattern attribue is causing the problem.
      Any ideas?