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    workflow design question

    Pablo Casado Newbie


      I'm using jbpm for the first time but my question is about a workflow design so it's not jbpm specific.

      Does the following make sense? I just want a sanity check to see if I'm understanding how to create a workflow.

      Suppose we have a workflow with 2 tasks,

      begin -> Resolve Issue -> Sign -> end

      and I hook in an action at the transition between Resolve Issue and Sign to fire off an email.

      But then suppose we don't know how many issues must be resolved at
      design time, let's say there are 10 then my workflow would be

      begin -> Resolve Issues -> Sign -> end

      but the client wants an email fired off after each issue is resolved so would I

      begin -> Resolve Issues -> Decision: all issues resolved? -yes-> Sign -> end

      with this I can hook in the email between the Resolve Issues and the Decision tasks.

      and finally suppose they only want email sent for certain types of issues then this is decided in the action snippet with something like a plugin system, the snippet figures out if any email actions are plugged in for the type of issue that was resolved and fires it.