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    jBPM with Oracle: How to insert auto generated values for Pr

    Anandha Newbie

      I am using Oracle integration with jBPM. And when I am trying to deploy a newly created process in the Oracle through Eclipse, my server is throwing the exception, "cannot insert null into (JBPM_PROCESSDEFINITION.ID_)."

      It is evident that the same process is perfectly getting uploaded in HSQDB. When I've gone through the DB scripts, i found that the HSQ db DDL are having default value generation for ID_ field, whereas the Oracle DDL is not having any such equivalent.

      Does Hibernate have any solution for inserting PrimaryKey values with Sequence generated values Or I have to configure something before I upload the process ?

      I tried writing a trigger on this table to insert the Key, but that is not succesful due to other reasons.