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    Pooled-actors Assignment

    levasseur vincent Newbie

      Hi people,

      First, sorry for my poor english, I try to do my best to be understabled :)

      I'm newer in jBPM and test the gettinStarted environment.
      I created a little workflow from scract with help from the jBPM wiki page. It works fine that's great ;-)

      I try now to do a more complex flow. The first test is : assigning a task to a pool of user. I saw that we wan use "Pooled-actors" xml attribut.

      I did this

       <swimlane name="test">
       <assignment pooled-actors="grover,bert"></assignment>

      It worked in one way : no errors.
      It assigned task only to Grover.

      To do implementaion, I use eclipse plugin ("design tab" in processdefinition.

      I tried to search on this forum, but every people seems speaking about a real "Hardcode" (understand using API and setPooledActors method ...etc).

      I'm beginner in JAVA (well, I know the basic knowledge). And I try to do my best only (in first time) with a 'graphic' tool.

      So I didn't find an anwser for my problem.

      So ... XML Polled-Actors Assignment (like my code) is working or it is a futur step in another realease ? :)

      Thanks for all
      And thanks for jBPM :)