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    Fedora Directory Server and jBPM identity integration

    jbpmndc Newbie

      A lot of people have told me Fedora Directory Server is one of the best on the markets. You would think with JBoss/Redhat now one company, they would put together a little tutorial on integrating jBPM and Fedora DS.

      Any plans on doing this?

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          No, For the simple fact that it is better to integrate jBPM with a usermanagement system, which might contain an ldap server, than directly with an ldap server (AD, OpenLDAP, Oracle etc...)

          There is a jira issue to look into integrating with the portal usermanagement, which in turn could (should?) be come a separeted component.

          OTOH, if you know a little ldap, and look into the identitymanagement code, it is not to hard to do yourself.