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    swimlane expression for group(groupname) does not seem to be

    Anil Kumar Newbie


      I am working with jbpm starters kit. I have created a workflow with few task nodes in it. I created swimlanes with expression as group(groupname) and associated it with a task in a task node.

      I inserted a record in JBPM_ID_GROUP table with the groupname which i am using in my swimlane. Also, i do have few users who belong to this group (through JBPM_ID_MEMBERSHIP table).

      Now, when i start the process and when control comes to that task, i am getting a message saying "A new task has been assigned to 'null'". And i could not see that task in any of the users who belong to that group. The task is not appearing in any of the users login. JBPM does not support such kind of functionality? Does group expression in swimlanes does not work at all? Or am i missing anything here? Can anyone let me know, whether jBPM does support such kind of functionality or even is there any information on how to extend group features from jBPM?

      However, instead of using group(groupname) expression, if i use user(xyz), it does work properly. I am able to see the task in the tasklist if i log in as user xyz. Problem seems to be only with group expressions.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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