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    No active application scope in long running process

    ngeadah Newbie


      I have a long running business process defined in JBPM and I am facing a stubborn problem: when my process "awakens" after some period of time spent in a wait state (I use a timer to wait), I get a "No active application scope" exception when JBPM executes the next node (which contains a simple expression).

      My exception occurs on the following node:

      <decision name="isARAvailable" expression="#{ARChecker.isARAvailable}">
       <transition name="false" to="waitForAR"></transition>
       <transition name="true" to="end"></transition>

      The ARCheker component is defined as as stateful EJB:

      public class ARCheckerBean implements ARChecker {
      public String isARAvailable()

      What am I missing?