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    JDK compatibility + migration JBPM 2 -> JBPM 3

    Aleksandar Smiljanic Newbie


      two issues but somehow related.

      I have to develop WF application that is beeing deployed on BEA WL 7 that runs JDK1.3. I'm almost sure I read before that jbpm 3.0 could be run on jdk 1.3 but now the documentation talks about jdk 1.4.2+.

      I read some posts that speak about compiling for 1.3 and all mentioned source (jbpm, but also hibernate and dependant libraries) tweeking. I tried to figure it out myself, but got several errors (especialy on hibernate side) and gave up.

      So, Is it working with 1.3?

      If not (and I'm quite conviced so), I'll have to fall back to jbpm 2. If I do so will I be able to migrate to 3.1 when my deploy platform upgrades to jdk1.4? I saw documentation about migratin process definition and it seems it can be done, but is it possible to upgrade the database as well?

      I mean, if I have active processes running under jbpm2, will I be able to migrate them to jbpm3?