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    Missing console bean files in latest 3.2 CVS?

    Jonathan Abbey Newbie

      Hi, all. We've been working for awhile with a cut off of CVS Head (probably from about 6 weeks ago, now). We've made a good deal of progress, but there are still some things that seem not to be working (we're presently having some confusion with swimlane management), so we thought we'd pull a modern HEAD from CVS and move our development environment to the latest code.

      Unfortunately, it appears that a good deal has gone missing in the CVS trunk, especially in the web console app.

      For instance, here is what we had from our last version's console/src/main/java/org/jbpm/webapp/bean directory:

      AdminBean.java ProcessDefinitionBean.java
      FormParameter.java ProcessInstanceBean.java
      HomeBean.java TaskBean.java
      IdentityBean.java TaskFormParameter.java
      JbpmBean.java TaskInstanceVariableMap.java
      JsfHelper.java TokenBean.java
      MonitoringBean.java UserBean.java
      ParticipantBean.java VariableBean.java

      and here is what is in the latest CVS:

      IdentityBean.java ParticipantBean.java
      JbpmBean.java TaskBean.java
      JsfHelper.java TaskInstanceVariableMap.java

      Despite this, console/src/webapp/layout.jsp in the newest CVS still makes reference to the UserBean class. webapp/admin.jsp makes reference to AdminBean, etc.

      I'm assuming that I'm seeing code in the middle of being torn apart and put back together in some new form, but I don't know where the missing pieces have got to. Is there a new CVS module side by side with the jbpm.3 module in the repository?