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    task assignment when using hierarchical user groups

    Bert Wijnants Newbie


      I am using the identity component to organise the users that use my application.

      I made a hierarchical order like this:
      group: all
      --> group: division1
      --> group: division2
      --> group: division3

      also there are 2 kinds of roles a user can have. "gebruiker" or "hoofdgebruiker"

      The problem i have is when i use this assignment for a task:

      <assignment expression="group(all) --> member(hoofdgebruiker)" />

      it only assigns the "hoofdgebruiker" users that are a member of the parent group "all", but not the "hoofdgebruiker" users that are in the subgroups.

      Is there an expression to achieve this? Or is the only solution changing the Group.getUsers() method, to make this return also the users in the subgroups?