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    jBPM notification of process instance completion (w/o having

    Brad Stern Newbie

      Is there a mechanism for the jBPM engine to notify another application whenever a process instance completes (for instance, via a callback reference passed to the jBPM process by the other application)? This mechanism would need to provide the identifier of the process instance that completed.

      The customers of our applications (which applications will install jBPM "under the covers" for workflow processing) will be writing their own workflow process definitions, and we do not want them "to have to remember" to include something in every one of their process definitions to be sure our applications are notified when an instance of those defined processes ends (for instance, we do NOT want to have to tell our customers to be sure include an event on the end-state node of every one of of their process definitions so that our applications will be notified of a process instance completion).

      We would rather have a mechanism where notification that is made by jBPM on every process instance completion without having to include it in every process definition. (Also, we don't want our applications to have to poll and track every process instance to find out which process instances have completed since the last poll.) Other jBPM users who do not need this "automatic" process instance completion notification should be permitted to either disable this mechanism, or simply ignore these notifications without adverse effects.

      Thank you.

      Brad Stern