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    CLASS_ relationships in the jbpm_log table

    jacobo Newbie

      Hi there,
      I have got a problem that i am sure it will easy for you but I can't still solve.
      You see: in the jbpm_log, you may see that JBPM keeps a log of nodes, variables updates, and other concepts. What it puzzles me is that, if I do want to retrieve the variable values updated for each node, i can't see how.
      so far, I am doing it in a very dirty way, that if possible, I ouwld like to change. Here it is how i am doing it:

      session = openLocalSession();
      loggingSession = new LoggingSession(session);
      List logs = loggingSession.findLogsByToken(idToken);
      List nodeLogs = LoggingInstance.getLogs( logs, NodeLog.class );
      Iterator itnodeLogs = nodeLogs.iterator();
      List updateLogs = LoggingInstance.getLogs( logs, StringUpdateLog.class );

      And, after that, I round a loop thru itnodeLogs, and, believe it or not, i do compare each element by its Date!
      nodeLog.getDate() and updateLog.getDate()
      (it is the only column that I see it is similar).
      So that, at the end, I get each variable added to each node, its value be4 and after the signal, besides...
      It is working properly right now, but if someone knows a better way, I would really appreciate to know about it.
      Thank you very much and best regards,
      Thank you very much