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    newbie questions

    terence soussan Newbie

      Hello folks,

      I 've just discovered jBPM so please don't blame me for my stupid questions.

      I need to coordonate a complex workflow of tasks for our application (not human tasks), each task having some not trivial dependencies on others or on some resources (files, databases...), not all tasks written in the same language etc...

      Anyway i made a quick prototype that seems to suit my needs with jbpm and the graphic designer that i ran in a java stand-alone program.

      Now I am asking myself some existential questions:
      - do i need to deploy my par file in an AS (did it with the server given starter-kit but i must start my process instances from there)
      - if i don't will i be able to monitor my process instance via the console (i think i won't but maybe i can write my own monitoring tool without having to use a web app?)
      - what the persistence service jbpm provides can offer to me (i for now don't persist anything or maybe i m not aware ;-))

      Thanks for your assistance! i hope that's not too many questions

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          Jitendra Singh Newbie


          Welcome to the world of jbpm :-).

          We can store the process defitions directly in the db, which is essentially the content of PAR file. So you do not need to put the PAR file (I don't do it).

          There is a set of extensible services that will help you query database for everything related to processes.

          All the process related information is eventually stored in database, I am not aware of any other mechanism of storing the information.

          hope this answers some of your questions..