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    Adding Implementation to BPEL Orchestration

    Claus Wittmann Newbie

      Hi there!

      I have a small question about the ATM example in the BPEL-Extension.
      (Its a little bit more general, but I want to use the ANT-Scripts of this example in my project)

      OK - If I add some functionality in the _impl - Files of the atm example directly it will be overwritten if I start a build.

      If I add some functionality in the _impl - Files of Partners like ticket - it won't be overwritten on a build.


      Also: If I add some functions in the wsdl-Files of the ATM (frontend.wsdl) - this new functions will be implemented in the xxservice.java

      If I add the same stuff in e.g. the ticket.wsdl - nothing happens in my partner ....java files.

      Whats the reason?
      Where is the "switch" where I can change sucha behavior?


      Student (BA)
      eMundo GmbH - Germany

      I'm working on a BPEL Processintegration Framework to achieve my Bachelor grade.

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