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    Several new solutions/examples in the wiki

    brittm Novice

      I've posted several examples in the wiki recently (JbpmContributions). Solutions are presented with complete jpdl examples and any supporting ActionHandlers that only needs your own package name to run. These solutions target jBPM 3.1:

      # Example: a JSP for viewing process instance history
      # Example: Dynamically setting the due date on Timers and Tasks
      # Solution: My sub-tokens aren't ended after the join...
      # Solution: My Superstates aren't being logged...
      # Implementation: Multi-choice, pattern 6. Also serves Multiple Instances with Run Time Knowledge, pattern 14

      To see other contributions, visit the JbpmContributions page: http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JbpmContributions