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    API support

    Ilya Sterin Newbie

      I'm trying to find some information in the docs and am having some issues getting a clear picture.

      My understanding is that right now, you have to use the java APIs to invoke the jBPM engine and there is no remote invocation support. Am I wrong?

      Also, invoking resources from within the business process, can only be java services, not SOAP based resources? I believe that the BPEL module adds that functionality, but will you ever support it outside of the BPEL module, using JPDL?

      I hope I'm just misunderstanding the above, please clarify.


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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          No, correct. In 3.1 there is no remote calls yet. In 3.2 remote calls via JMS will be possible

          The soap/ws question has been posted lots of times before. You cannot call webservices *natively* from jbpm, but with some very limited java code you can call webservices, since jbpm can call java, you can call webservices. It's that simple.