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    extending eclipse process designer plugin

    Paul Harrington Newbie

      I am looking at extending the process designer eclipse plugin to add extra functionality.

      Specifically, in the visual diagram editor I would like to add extra buttons to the list of nodes available ('start', 'state', 'fork', 'join', etc). The extra buttons would represent my own pre-defined nodes / tasks which would be extensions of the standard node. I would like provide the ability to be able to drag and drop these nodes onto to the process diagram in the normal way.

      I was wondering if anyone could help out with the following questions:

      - Does anyone have experience of extending the plugin? Would it be simple or complex task to do?

      - Is there any specific documentation available on how this could be implemented?

      Any other help/suggestions on the topic would be most welcome


      Paul Harrington

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          Sunil Ramaiah Newbie

          Hello Paul,

          I am trying to do the same task, but could not find any documentation. Did you find anything about this ? Please let me know.


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            Paul Harrington Newbie

            Hi Sunil,

            I haven't found out anything yet I'm afraid. However if and when I do, I will let you know



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              Koen Aers Master

              Hi Paul and Sunil,

              Extending the designer is not really easy at the moment. There are a couple of extension points that allow you to do these kinds of things, but they are not documented and will probably change in the future. Have a look at the plugin.xml file of the org.jbpm.gd.jpdl.ui project.
              You will find the 'editPolicies' and 'graphElements' extension points. You can see how they are used in the following excerpts:

               tooltip="Creates a State node"


              Certainly the use of the 'editPolicy' extension point (which serves to modify and customize the way graphical objects react to user input) requires a fair amount of GEF knowledge.

              Hopefully this helps.