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    Regarding process variables

    jagadee c Newbie


      I am facing problem while coping process variables into database.
      I am not able to store values into database. is there any code sample for this proble?

      I am using following code to store process variable into database.

      TaskInstance.setVariable(variable ,Name);
      TaskInstance.setVariable(variable ,Name);
      TaskInstance.setVariable(variable ,Name);

      my processdefinition code is

      <variable name="Broker_Id" access="read,write,required" mapped-name="Broker_Id" />
      <variable name="CSLN_Number" access="read,write,required" mapped-name="CSLN_Number" />
      <variable name="M-L-Check" access="read,write,required" mapped-name="M-L-Check" />

      Please guide me.

      Thanks in advance.