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    High-level questions, alternate renderkit support

    Darren Siegel Newbie

      I'm building a JSF site that is rendering 100% SVG. I have built SVG renderers for standard components such as buttons, checkboxes, text editors, etc, and I'm now looking to AJAX enable these - with an approach that will utilize the JSF lifecycle - as opposed to an approach that say would circumvent the lifecylce using a custom servlet. I have looked at various approaches for this (DynaFaces ala Project Woodstock, the d2 approach used in the Fallows/Jacobi book), but everything seems to assume that one is using the approach with the rendering of HTML, and will not work out of the box with SVG.

      Will the Ajax4JSF approach to AJAXing JSF work with non-HTML renderkits? Is there something that executes on the client side that is leveraging an HTML assumption? I have only read a bit about Ajax4JSF, and figured I'd post this message instead of spending a day digging into a test implementation. Any help, suggestions, pointers, are greatly appreciated.