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    how to know the state running of the process?

    Pascal Surian Newbie


      My process definition is well done and the process runs perfectly.

      But the run take a long time and I would like to know in which state (node) my process is, at one time of the execution ?

      Thank for your help.


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          Michael Holtzman Newbie

          Off the top of my head ....

          public Vector processState(ProcessInstance pin) {
           Vector v = new Vector();
           Token root = pin.getRootToken();
           childStates(root, v);
           return v;
          public void childStates(Token token, Vector v) {
           if (token.hasActiveChildren()) {
           Map children = token.getActiveChildren();
           if (children != null) {
           Collection kids = children.values();
           if (kids.size() > 0) {
           for (Iterator it = kids.iterator(); it.hasNext();) {
           Token tok = (Token)it.next();

          You can, of course, collect any token information of interest and stick it in whatever object is appropriate.