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    ClassNotFoundException: couldn't load delegation class

    Chris Mooney Newbie

      Firstly I must apologise as there appears to be 7 other threads that look at similar issues - but I was unable to resolve the problem.

      I have a process definition inside my webapp and can succesfully parse the XML to load it inside a servlet. However the process references an assignment handler, and when it comes to calling createStartTaskInstance() I get the error:

      couldn't load delegation class 'rats.handler.PreviousAssignmentHandler'
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: class 'rats.handler.PreviousAssignmentHandler' could not be found by the process classloader

      The compiled class file is in the correct location inside WEB-INF/classes/... when I create the war - so from the other threads it would appear that I have my jars in the wrong places. I have experimented moving around the various hibernate, ehcache and jbpm jars/sars between the server lib, the sar and the war ... all to no avail.

      Can anyone give me an idea of what jars etc I need to put where? Also, if the same jar is in more than one location (eg inside server lib and inside war) does this create a problem?

      I have not customised anything from the defaults, so it is more likely to be not having configured something rather than the result of me trying to do something tricky.

      Thanks in advance.