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    startegy for enhancing TaskInstance

    Shai Bentin Newbie

      I've created a class that extends TaskInstance. I've created an enhancment table for it (thought it should be better this way) and done the hbm.xml stuff. The extension was OK and I was able to create a task. However, I now have these problems. if I load a task using the JbpmContext (which I need to do) it will load a\the regular TaskInstance Object and I will not have access to my new fields. The same goes for all the finder queries, it seems I have to reqrite them all to fit my new extension class.

      1. Is there a strategy to extend TaskInstance that will let me have new fields without changing stuff in Jbpm core?
      2. Is there a way to just get the hibernate session used for task Managment and use my own class for quereing and loading?
      3. If not 1, 2, it seems logical that I will need to use my own new queries for finding tasks. however I do think JbpmContext should be fixed to load the class used by the TaskInstanceFactory, and not the default TaskInstance.