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    How to realize the fork node?

    Fei Xu Newbie

      Hi, my buddieer
      I want to add a fork node in my processdefinition, the code like this:

      <process-definition xmlns="urn:jbpm.org:jpdl-3.1" name="simple">
       <swimlane name="beginner"></swimlane>
       <swimlane name="task1">
       <assignment expression="user(bohan)"></assignment>
       <swimlane name="task2">
       <assignment expression="user(filmkiller)"></assignment>
       <swimlane name="task3">
       <assignment expression="user(dsy)"></assignment>
       <start-state name="start">
       <task name="start" swimlane="beginner"></task>
       <transition name="to1" to="task1"></transition>
       <task-node name="task1">
       <task name="task1" swimlane="task1"></task>
       <transition name="" to="fork1"></transition>
       <fork name="fork1">
       <transition name="to2" to="task2"></transition>
       <transition name="to3" to="task3"></transition>
       <task-node name="task2">
       <task name="task1" swimlane="task2"></task>
       <transition name="" to="join1"></transition>
       <task-node name="task3">
       <task name="task1" swimlane="task3"></task>
       <transition name="" to="join1"></transition>

      But when the user in node task1 submit, I got the return message :
      New tasks have been assigned to: null, null.

      I want to know the reason, should I miss some code to realize the Fork node? thanks a lot