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    Jboss jBPM compatible with Apache Tomcat and mySQL?

    Andrew Wong Newbie

      Hello there,

      I am a newbie in here. I am currently doing my final year project for a sponsored based company. The company required me to develop a workflow system. The company want me to find an open source java and mySQL based workflow systems. Is it possible to use Jboss jBPM 3.x with mySQL and Apache instead of hibernate and JBoss portal because the company wants only mySQL as it database and Apache Tomcat as it server. I have look through the Jboss jBPM product sheet and it say that Jboss jBPM is compatible with mySQL and Apache Tomcat. As i am new in here, so can any kind samaritan please help me with this. In order to built on top of JBoss jBPM, i need to be sure that Jboss jBPM really works well with mySQL and Apache Tomcat.

      Thank you in advance.