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    Token lifecycle with fork and join

    Dave Caruana Newbie

      Jbpm 3.1.2

      I have a simple process which includes a fork and join. It functions as one would expect, however, I do have a query regarding the lifetime of tokens during the process execution.

      Upon reaching the fork, child tokens are created; one for each path. When all child paths reach the join, the process continues. However, if I use ProcessInstance.findAllTokens() at this point, it returns the child tokens for the previous fork & join. Each token is still active (according to Token.hasEnded()).

      Is this correct?

      I would at least expect those child tokens to have been ended. Actually, I wouldn't expect to get those tokens from findAllTokens(), as that's all happened in the past.

      Any light on this subject appreciated?

      David Caruana