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    scrollableDataTable and ExtendedDataModel

    neil fraser Newbie

      I have a large database table which the user can page thru with a datatable component backed by an ExtendedDataModel. This way I don't have to load the entire database table into a list - as the user pages through the data the walk method is called to get the next 25 rows at a time.

      I'd like to use a scrollableDataTable rather than a standard datatable, but it appears that I have to load the entire contents into a list to use scrollableDataTable. (I've tried implementing an ExtendedDataModel but the walk method doesn't get called).

      Is there a way to use scrollableDataTable with a bean that can be called to get a 'page' of rows from the database at a time, without having to populate the entire list in one go.

      I've looked at the scrollableDataTable sample source code - although the front-end calls the backing bean to get a page at a time, the backing bean has the entire data contents loaded.