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    Diploma thesis jbpm

    Ansgar Thobe Newbie

      I am writing a diploma thesis ( i don't know, if this is the right term for the german word Diplomarbeit ), which deals with jbpm.
      Therefor, i have some question and i would be very grateful, if anyone could answer them.

      My challenge it to implement a workflow with jbpm.
      I thought about two appendages:
      1. run the workflow in the frontend. this means to create a web application and the jbpm actions call the backend functions over business delegates.

      2. run the workflow in the backend. Therefor i would create a stateless session bean, that contains the jbpm code.

      In the meantime i think, that the first approach is more common.
      Could someone tell my something about the adavantages / disadvantages of these two approaches.
      Is one of them gernerally wrong?

      I would be very thankful for any information!