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    How to approach error handling in a Process?  Thoughts and c

    james1969 Newbie

      I am working on a high volume application where JPBM is being used to manage assets that need to be programatically modified. I currently have 1 workflow for every asset type. Within each workflow, I'm using nodetype 'node' where each node executes a basic operation (ActionHandler with code to do the operation) on the asset programatically (no human intervention).

      Because these are automated processes and each node has a predefined operation on the asset, I have to handle error conditions. My thought is to have a generic global error node to transition to if any exceptions are thrown in each node. But I have found that you can only transition to nodes defined within a process definition. So in my scenario with multiple process definitions, I would need to define an error node in each process. So my thought about having 1 global error node won't work.

      Another thought is to define an 'error process'. Is there a way to jump from one process instance to a completely different and new process instance? So for example, I'm currently executing in process A instance A1 and I come across an exception, can I create a new process instance B1 of process B and transition from A1 to B1?

      Comments and thoughts please?