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    Training Courses? ...and HELLO!

    dslevine Newbie

      First off... HELLO! I'm new to the jBPM world. After evaluating other workflow engines, jBPM is by far the best match for my needs... looking to integrate wofkflow capabilities into custom CMS-ish software at my company. I look forward to digging in more deeply, and I thank everyone in advance for answering questions I'm sure I will have. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute back some code if my needs veer off the existing path.

      I was looking into training sessions, and tried to sign up myself and one coworker for the training next week in Santa Clara. Unfortunately, it's been cancelled! So much for my un-canny timing on finding jBPM right before a training session! It looks like there are no more training sessions available anywhere until January -- not so far off, but it would have been great to get training foundation laid *before* I start playing with architectures instead of after. Are there any training sessions outside those listed on the RedHat training page? Any advice for in-depth online training to prepare me for developing enterprise applications using jBPM?

      Thanks for any thoughts/advice!