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    Connection (transaction problem)

    Marcel Duarte Newbie

      Sorry all, but I could not find the anwers in the forum.

      I am using jBPM as a jar of my server. And my server has its own database. So I have some operations that "integrate" some jbpm tables with my tables.

      The problem is when I have a foreign key for a database table. e.g. When I deploy a process definition I have to insert some data in another table with a foreign key to the process definition id.

      The problem is the transaction control. as I did not commit my deploy I do not have how to insert a data that has some dependencies of the process definition.

      To solve that I thing there is two options:
      1. Get the same connection used by jbpm to deploy the process definition and use it to create my statements;
      2. Set jbpm to in some cases use a jdbc connection created by me.

      is there anyway to do that? the second option could be much better