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    JMS support in BPEL

    Jan Goyvaerts Newbie


      It might be a fairly stupid question - I'm new to the product - is it possible with the BPEL extension to kick-off processes with inbound JMS messages ? I.e. start a process for each message posted on the "Sales order queue"; and avoid using WS alltogether.

      If so, how can I proceed to set up a simple test ?

      Many thanks for helping me out !


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          Jan Goyvaerts Newbie

          Right. Stupid question indeed. BPEL is an extension of WS.

          So, the solution is probably using the jBPM model instead.

          Is the best approach writing MDB's and kicking-off the processes manually, or is this behavior already implemented somewhere ?

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            Peter Kovgan Newbie

            Not so stupid question, I assume...
            We also need this JMS extension.

            And it will be good to have one, even if BPEL is WS orchestration tool.

            SOAP message may be wrapped in JMS message as well.

            How can we add JMS client to our process???

            Is there some ideas?

            Is there some point(class) where I could insert JMS client and call myprocess directly from this client???