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    jBPM + Spring + Tomcat + Hibernate/Oracle + Standalone App


      Hello again,

      I've been playing with the getting started app -- very cool!!! -- and would like to start playing in my eventual environment. As the title indicates, I would like to integrate jBPM into other applications, based on Spring 2.0 + Tomcat 5.5 + Hiberate (wrapping Oracle 10g). Are there any demo apps on a wiki or a blog that anyone can point me to, specifically for a demo implementation of Spring + jBPM?

      I tried to migrate the getting started app to Tomcat, but got caught in a web of JNDI DefaultDS not found errors, so then I tried to remove the need for JNDI by switching to Spring and everything fell down around my ears. =)

      Google isnt helping me find any demo apps using jBPM + Spring, but I dont believe there isnt one out there...