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    Extending jPDL for using in web application

    Sadegh Aliakbary Newbie

      Dear friends
      I'm using jBPM in a web application environment. Each Task-Node would be a representative for a task in the worklist of a user in my web application. So I think it is better to specify the target URL coresponding to each task in the jPDL file. But original jPDL standard does not support extra information -like this URL- for task-nodes. I think I should implement my own Node and add this extra information to it. some other information like menu id can also be included in the tag.
      Is this approach correct?
      The jPDL would have something like this :

      <my-task-node name="something">
       <task swimlane="something else">
       <transition name="something" to="somewhere" />
       <menukey menukey="letter" />
       <Link url="/somepage.jsp" />
       <extendedattribute name="ip" value="" />

      When I'm showing worklist to user, using jbpm_taskinstance, I will bring this Link and coresponding taskInstance row Id to user.

      Thanks and excuse me for the long message.